Jill D. Sanders, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist


Comprehensive Parenting Evaluations: 

When parents divorce and are unable to agree on a future plan for their children (school choice, parent time schedule, medical/dental decisions, etc.) they can agree to have an objective professional perform an evaluation.  In many cases, the court will request that parents participate in an evaluation so that the court has information on which to base court rulings. 


Whether parents agree between themselves to have an evaluation or the court requests an evaluation, Dr. Sanders requires a court order for the evaluation.  She does not perform evaluations of any type without a court order in place.  If you have questions about obtaining a court order for a parenting evaluation you should consult your attorney.


As a professional, objective evaluator, Dr. Sanders will gather information about a variety of factors related to the children and the parents.   Various methods will be used to collect information including:

  • Individual interviews with parents and  step-parents
  • Interviews with the children
  • Collateral interviews with other persons who may have important information
  • Document reviews
  • Psychological testing
  • Parent-child observations
  • Possible home visits

Not all of these methods may be utilized in every case – Dr. Sanders custom tailors the methods to fit the case though most cases to involve the methods listed.


Comprehensive evaluations generally take between three and six months to complete.


There is no way of knowing the total cost for a comprehensive evaluation since services are billed by the hour but normally the cost ranges from $5000 to $8000.  A $5000 retainer is required when the evaluation begins.  The parents and/or the court determine the payment arrangement.  All fees related to an evaluation must be paid in full before the written report is released to the attorneys.  Insurance does not cover any portion of evaluation costs.


In many instances parents reach a settlement based on Dr. Sanders’ report.  However, some cases do not settle and move forward into a deposition and/or trial phase.  Dr. Sanders routinely testifies as an expert witness in these cases.  Her fees for deposition and trial are paid in full by the parent whose attorney calls her to testify unless otherwise ordered by the court.


In Florida, parenting evaluations are covered by F.S. 61.13 and/or F.S. 61.20.  Every state has similar statutes which govern these types of evaluations.


Brief Parenting Evaluations and Relocation Evaluations: 

Sometimes parents reach an impasse on only one or two issues such as the parent time schedule or school choice.  Relocation may be the major point of disagreement.  In these cases a brief evaluation or assessment can be performed.  These evaluations typically include one interview with each parent and/or step-parent, one child interview and observation, minimal collateral interviews and minimal document review.   However, the number of interviews and other methods can be expanded as needed.


Brief evaluations typically cost between $3500 and $5000.  A court order is required and a $3500 retainer is required.


Parenting Consultation and Parenting Plan Consultation:

Many parents want objective, professional advice related to parenting issues.  Dr. Sanders can offer advice and direction regarding most parenting questions.  She has extensive education and experience related to child development and clinical problems which effect children.   Insurance will not pay for this service.

Child Development Expert Mediation Services: 

Dr. Sanders often attends divorce mediations and serves as an objective child development expert as child related issues arise.  If you would like Dr. Sanders present at your mediation you will want to contact your attorney and have them seek a stipulation to allow her presence in the mediation process.  Insurance will not pay for this service.



Therapy Services:

Dr. Sanders has extensive inpatient and outpatient child and adult psychology experience.  Her Ph.D. in clinical psychology along with experience and additional training qualifies her to treat many mild to severe psychological issues.


Dr. Sanders accepts therapy clients only by referral from community professionals (doctors, therapists, attorneys, etc.) or by referral from previous clients.


She sees children under the age of twelve for adjustment issues, mood disorders and anxiety disorders and primarily utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach.  Parents are always involved to some degree in the child’s therapy via progress updates and consultations.


Dr. Sanders sees adults for relationship issues, personal growth, anxiety and depression.


Dr. Sanders does not accept insurance. 

Fees for therapy services are due at the time of service.

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